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    ARC is a new monthly event promoting curatorial activity in the West Midlands.

    On the last Wednesday of each month, guest curators are invited to select a programme of works to be exhibited at The Vaults, in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

    The Vaults | Newhall Place | Newhall Hill | B'ham | B1 3JH

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ARC – November 2010

Important Artefacts | 24th November 2010 | 6-8pm | admission FREE

For the final ARC of 2010, Anneka French presents Important Artefacts, an exhibition which brings together six artists from the West Midlands and beyond to exhibit works including paintings, works on paper, installation, live work, projection and text.

Important Artefacts draws on the history of site as a place for keeping objects of value. It seeks to address the idea of collecting as a process of investigation or accumulation, the idea of collections as things to display, and of the collector as someone driven by a particular passion. How objects are chosen, ordered and presented, and how these decisions are marked by emotional, aesthetic and conceptual judgements are central to this exhibition.

The slides shown by Matthew Andrews are selected from a large collection of vintage slides, valued for their aesthetic qualities and the narratives they inspire. Similarly, Jane Morrow presents a series of live ‘lots’ that look at the gaps between word, image and object, and how we might fill these. Her work specifically refers to a novel of 2009 by Leanne Shapton, from which this exhibition takes its title.

Following a more historical approach, ideas of museum collections and displays are alluded to within the paintings of Tutte Newall, and an installation of objects by Tim Robottom. These painstakingly created works contain references to the discoveries of archaeology and natural history, amongst other forms of enquiry.

The works of both Molly Rooke and Joanne Masding take a more conceptual approach to collections. Everyday objects such as postcards and plastic bags are displayed in a way which invites close consideration. The works might be said to address notions of development, relating specifically to the selection, editing and context of objects and ideas.

Important Artefacts is curated by Anneka French and is accompanied by a small publication. The exhibition is open from 6pm until 8pm on 24th November 2010 and is held at The Vaults, Newhall Hill, Birmingham B1 3JH.


ARC – October 2010

This month ARC is curated by the Institution of Meaningful Interaction (IMI).

Founded in 2007 by Abigail Duffty, IMI is a platform for experimental performance which focuses on the relationship between social identity and conditioned behaviours through participatory events and the creative language of performance.

Indeed, this month’s ARC will draw together artists whose works are both experimental and participatory for an evening that promises to be both thought-provoking and fun.

Artists include: Emily Bullock, Anna Tzini, Laura Brannon, Luke Robert Mason and the Institution of Meaningful Interaction

ARC – Wednesday 27 October 2010 | 6-9pm at The Vaults. Newhall Place, Newhall Hill, Birmingham B1 3JH

To learn more about IMI visit:

ARC #7: Companis presents ‘Bawdyville’

Join ARC on Wednesday 29 September, 6-8pm for Bawdyville! – an evening of absurdly arresting gestures, one-on-one performances and installation laced with a healthy dose of humour and frivolity, curated by Companis.

Companis will take the audience on a sensuous, subterranean journey punctuated with a series of interactive performances and installations to intrigue, beguile and cause hilarity. Visitors are invited to embrace the forbidden, the ludicrous and to partake in mischief with abandon!

Commissioned artists, performers and collaborators include Antonio Roberts, Chaz ‘Saintly Sin’ Farmer, Emily Ayres, Olivia Zetterstrom-Sharp, Graeme Rose, Cara Gould, Cassey North, Becci Snape, Lin Nuiju and Theatre and Professional Practice students at Coventry University.

Join us for what promises to be an evening of fun, frolics and titillation! Free cocktails – if you can catch one!

Exhibition address: The Vaults | Newhall Hill | Birmingham | B1 3JH

Companis, meaning to ‘break bread with someone’ is a nomadic curatorial and artistic practice based in Birmingham, UK. Companis develops and produces high quality, participatory art works and experiences which explore the exchanges between artist and audience, and engage people in acts of social or relational participation; specifically exchanges involving gift-giving, gestural or transient acts such as eating, play and conversation.

Companis also creates bespoke and memorable dining experiences to challenge the norms associated with eating, immersing the diner in a fusion of performance, food and spectacle. In 2011-12 Companis aims to open a café/project space, which will provide a venue for good food, social discourse and artistic presentations and projects.

Companis was formed in 2009 and consists of Kaye Winwood and Siân Tonkin.



Call for submissions

Institution of Meaningful Interaction (IMI) are currently seeking performance/ live art proposals for works exploring behaviour learned through social conditioning. IMI will favour works which incorporate audience participation.

The exhibition will be presented as part of ARC (https://arcbirmingham.wordpress.com/), a monthly event offering regional curators the opportunity to present work. IMI have been invited to curate ARC #8 which will take place on the evening of Wednesday 27 October 2010.

Submissions should include:
– Artist CV and background statement
– An outline of the work (250 words)
– Relevant supporting material (images, recordings etc, file sizes should be no larger than 1MB)
– A list of technical requirements and needs.

Submissions should be emailed to aduffty@hotmail.com by 5pm on Thursday 30 September 2010.

Please note, although this is a zero budget venture it is a fantastic opportunity to have your work presented and nationally marketed.

For more information please email Abigail Duffty at aduffty@hotmail.com

ARC #6 curated by Laura Coult

ARC # 6 curated by Laura Coult

Join ARC at The Vaults (Jewellery Quarter) on Wednesday 25th August, 6-8PM, for an exhibition of artist’s moving image, performance, and sculpture exploring the ways in which we experience sound as light, movement, noise, and colour.

Artists include: Linda Bagnall, Benedict Drew, Laurence Hunt, Juneau Projects, Ben Russell, Alexander Small, Joe Snape.

Image: Benedict Drew. Writing Music (2008). Image courtesy the artist.

The Vaults | Newhall Hill | Birmingham | B1 3JH
Admission FREE | offers on selected drinks

ARC #5 – curated by An Endless Supply

The time is upon us again – join ARC at The Vaults on Wednesday 30 June, 6-8pm, for ‘Peace Out June! (Piece in June)’, an exhibition curated by Robin Kirkham and Harry Blackett, the artists behind publishing collaboration An Endless Supply.


ARC #5

Peace out June! (Piece in June)
Curated by An Endless Supply


Gabriel Lester

At 7pm there will be a re-staging of Gabriel Lester’s ‘The One Man Wonder’. Previously shown at Performa 2009 the work touches on the doubling up of roles in production and society through a reading and a live performance from a one-man-band: at ARC, it’s the turn of Birmingham’s own Banjo Dave.

The recorded sounds of Fenn O’Berg
& guests

Improvisational computer-music trio Fenn O’Berg recorded their debut LP live during a legendary tour in 1999. Taking this as a starting point, An Endless Supply present new audio and print works made in collaboration with artists invited to consider the studio place and the changes in artistic production facilitated by technology.

An Endless Supply’s recent curated projects include An Endless Supply #14 with Ruth Claxton and Sean O’Keeffe, and ‘The Decade 2010-2020’. The museum as hostage to fortune, The Pigeon Wing, London. Group exhibitions include Thanks for sharing! D12 Kunsthalle, Leipzig, Day 0, Max Warburg, London, Meanwhile in Birmingham, Rogue Studios, Manchester, and In Support of Destroying What You Support, Central-Reservation, Bristol.

For more information visit: http://www.anendlesssupply.co.uk

The Vaults | Newhall Hill | Birmingham | B1 3JHE
E: arc.birmingham@googlemail.com

call for submissions

I am currently seeking submissions for an exhibition I am developing which explores the physicality of sound, that is, the ways in which sound is not only heard, but it is seen and felt. I am developing a programme which will be presented at ARC’s August event at The Vaults in Birmingham.

Submissions should include:

– Artist CV and background statement

– An outline of the work (250 words)

– Relevant supporting material (images, recordings etc, file sizes should be no larger than 1MB)

– A list of technical requirements and needs.

Submissions should be emailed to arc.birmingham@googlemail.com by 5pm on Friday 2nd July 2010. Due to the tight turnaround, please be realistic if you are proposing new works.

Please note, although this is a zero budget venture it is a fantastic opportunity to have your work presented and nationally marketed.

For more information please email Laura at arc.birmingham@googlemail.com